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By Lee Jessup There are lots of things you SHOULD do for your screenwriting career, and I will visit those in a future column. But just as important as knowing what you should do is knowing what you absolutely should not do, what would only hold y


Lucenzo - Wine It Up Ft. Sean Paul 

Shot this one last year and it finally got a release. 

What Lies Beyond… The Beginning REDBAND Trailer (by JAKVisionFilms)

This is a film Ive been working on with Director Jarrod Knowles the past year. Enjoy! 


The 51st Rolex 24 at Daytona. Blessed to have been a part of this. Shot with with Rum Bum Studios. What an amazing experience. One I will truly never forget. 

SKYWORK FINAL from Wynwood Media House on Vimeo.

Skywork is a an all digital program for online education. This is just a preview of what’s to come from them. Stay tuned. 

GFS from Wynwood Media House on Vimeo.

A little piece I shot with my team at Wynwood Media House for The Gutter Film series. If you’re in Miami you should def. come check it out. 

What Lies Beyond…The Beginning Official Trailer. 

Directed by: Jarrod A. Knowles 

Cinematography: Billy Graydon. 

I really enjoyed working on this film. Can’t wait for it to hit theaters. 


Oscar Nominees WeekAnna Karenina, 2012Cinematography: Seamus McGarvey


Oscar Nominees Week
Anna Karenina, 2012
Cinematography: Seamus McGarvey

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